The most realistic doll ever

An idea of ​​the Asian, the silicone doll is widespread in the world and she arrived in France in the best creation of two ladies. We are not going to challenge God, but the sexy dolls are so beautiful and they are in different sizes, they scream and react to touch, the limit of manufacturers a soul, doll doesn’t have this.

The popularity of the sex doll

It's an amazing invention, but a silicone doll is just perfect. She is far from this inflatable doll or the toys in the shops. The realistic doll has existed since 2011, so it's been almost ten years since they invaded the public market. These products are classified as sexual gadgets, but they are more realistic because they have the shape and the human size. They are nice to touch, and they have all the characteristics of a human being, a naked woman with well-structured breasts and well-argued sex. She reminds you of chills because she seems to react to your actions. One has to be trained to make a sex doll brand review because the handling of every detail for a perfect combination of every fingertip to the moles.

Life with a realistic doll

Note that each doll is dedicated to its owner, so they are tailor-made dolls, but you can order on well referenced sites and choose from the models on the catalog. A silicone doll with his ID card for a 25-year-old woman, 35kg for 1m70, she never gets old, she can repair herself when she breaks down or breaks, and she cleans herself as easily. The person lacking sexual affection can be filled with the dolls but speaking of affection, we do not know if this doll can feel love for him. We can say the sale of a silicone doll is a good deal, but we cannot also say that it is the end of single men.

In any case, there are also men silicones, but they are not yet very famous as women. Also know that the price of his dolls is not given!

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