The dirty world of

The desire for porn movies is deeply rooted in the brain. Mirror neurons not only fuel the libido, but also make the audience understand that they are themselves part of the action.

Everyone does it and no one says it

At least in public, only a few say they are interested in pornographic films. There is a plausible and evolving basis for the secret passion that even explains gender differences. After that, the desire for pornography is as natural as the sex drive itself, and this old vice is just as old. Explicit illustrations of sex and other dirty things exist across cultures and centuries. Even the ancient Romans and Greeks painted sex images on their plates and bowls. Similarly, the famous erotic guide and Kamasutra with its many illustrations, certainly served not only as a teaching, but also as a pleasure. Although Porn HD does not serve to preserve man, it nevertheless seems firmly rooted in his sexual drive.

The evolutionary desire makes men look like porn

Of course, this should help the turnover rate. Those who are more excited about visual stimuli will also be more concerned about sex. This is particularly crucial for the male gender. Since, at least for the preservation of the breed, STDs are relatively insignificant. There is no reason why men should not sleep with so many healthy and consenting women, at least in terms of evolution. If a porn movie presents you with a variety of them, it's no wonder it's what fuels the male libido. Women are much less likely to see porn than men. It is difficult to determine the exact relationship between female and male pornoguckers. Often very different figures appear from one survey to another. With their partners, however, they are more likely to click on dirty pages: almost 20% of pornoguckers are heterosexual couples according to this survey.

Thus, porn could also be accepted in the women's world. Or they just become more and more popular.

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